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Number one online Test website for Preparation. Unlike existing study materials – textbooks, away courses, and review guides – materials in Shaheen Distance Learning are interactive, focus on one concept at a time and provide answers keys.

Tests In every 3 Days

In every 3 days Tests will be conducted for the preperation

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Learn as per your own convenience of location and time

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Find accurate answers & detailed solutions for all questions.

Abdul Khadeer - Founder & CEO.

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I would like to welcome you all into the world of Shaheen by invoking the name of Allah. What started off as a visionary endeavor in a one-room tenement accommodating 18 students way back in 1989 has now evolved into a major center of academic excellence touching the lives of more than 16000 students and 500 teachers engaged in the creation of knowledge wealth from KG to Graduation levels.


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